GAB SUSPENSION, the most advance suspension system with international worldwide recognition and technology proven!

GAB SUSPENSION was established in 1996 and manufactured in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For the past 20+ years, together with our engineers’ and technicians’ , GAB SUSPENSION had developed and achieved tremendous products for both the street performance minded drivers to the competition technical drivers.

All GAB SUSPENSION products are designed to endure real world driving and meet the highest quality control standards.

Furthermore, much of our suspension tested have been performed at the Sepang International Circuit, Malaysia and various tracks around California, including Button Willow Raceway and Thunderhill Raceway.


GAB SUSPENSION R&D engineers successfully developed and produced the first ever, suspension equipped with a unique technology; the AVCS (Auto Valve Control Stability) in 2003.

AVCS is a technology that enables the shock absorbers’ stiffness to be adjusted automatically to suits all road conditions and driving style. The AVCS is specially designed and built-in with a multilayers valve spring that senses and determine the damping force of the suspension.

What does GAB stand for? GRIP / ADVANTAGE / BALANCE

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